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Who? What? When? Where? How long? And for whom? At the moment, cultural organisations and creatives who want to be found online have to spend hours entering programme details manually on a host of different websites. The platform sets out to simplify this process! Kulturakteur:innen verschiedener Sparten und Beispiele für Kulturdaten
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To achieve this goal, Technologiestiftung Berlin is working with you, Berlin’s creative and cultural sector, to develop the first open digital infrastructure for Berlins cultural event data. Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, we are currently building a central data hub that will organise, pool and network your cultural data with a targeted range of existing portals.

The benefits of a central data platform

Keeping an overview – Creating order out of chaos

Collection profiles, programmes, concert dates, opening times, directions and accessibility details: the information available about Berlin’s cultural events, large and small, is as comprehensive as it is varied. Now, for the first time, is set to organise and make your data available – no matter what cultural sector you are working in, if you are a solo-artist or part of a larger cultural organisation.

Providing data – The end of the uphill struggle

No more hours wasted entering and transferring data via countless bitty and bug-prone web forms, tables and emails. is your new one-stop data distributor.

Improving discoverability – Pinpoint accuracy not pot luck

Search engines are notoriously bad at speaking “free text”. As a result, it is often very difficult to unearth all the information an unstructured event text contains: registration links, performance times and accessibility information, for example. prefers structured input fields over woolly free text entries and so guarantees machine-readable data quality.

Let’s have your great new ideas – however wild!

We are open to any suggestions that make a better service for Berlin’s cultural sector and data users. Let us know your needs or sign up as a tester for our beta version: E-mail us! Beispiele für die Eingabe von Kulturdaten - Bibliothek Beispiele für die Eingabe von Kulturdaten - Amphittheater Beispiele für die Eingabe von Kulturdaten - Theater Beispiele für die Eingabe von Kulturdaten - Galerie

Flexible by design

Neither a new events calendar nor a website for tourists or varied audiences, provides a central data hub for cultural professionals and crafty data lovers wishing to publish or exploit data about Berlin’s cultural programme.

Organisations, artists and event organisers

Naturally, collectives and individual artists will be able to publish their profiles and events via, just like larger organisations.

  • Increased visibility for all – your information organised in a format that is machine readable and search engine optimised.
  • Ease of use for all – add team members and grant permissions to input and add to your data, approve it internally and send it to the internet.
  • Full data sovereignty for all – re-export the data you have entered on quickly and easily.

Berlin’s cultural calendars and tourism portals

Existing and future events portals will be able to obtain the data they need for their particular focus in various export formats and via our API.

Open data for creative minds

Whether you need data for your hackathon, are planning an app that gathers data on barrier-free cultural events or want to show forthcoming concerts in your local area on your neighbourhood website, we provide Berlin’s cultural data for re-use by anyone with fresh ideas. Our easy-to-understand licensing model sets out who can use which elements of the data we publish and how. – structured data input and effective networking

Once is enough: No more repeated and complicated data inputs and updates. retrieves your data systematically via a user-friendly input mask, making it easy for you and your data users to keep up to date.

Shining light into the black box: uses an open data approach and is itself based on open-source technology. What’s more, we document our work continuously on GitHubind über GitHub verfügbar: offers creatives the possibility of attaching clear terms of use to their data, enabling data users to reuse it for their own portals, apps, artistic projects, etc.. Simply create a free user account to get access to our API.

An intuitive web interface with predefined entry fields

A structured input mask elicits all the information that might be used by the many online calendars and tourism portals. It offers easy data input for

A hierarchical system of user roles and rights

for coordinated collaboration in teams of all sizes, including editing and approval processes, entry ID and processing history.

Multiple data accesses

via configurable programming interfaces (APIs) and the export of CSV or Excel files, meaning that users can also re-use current data for their own websites, for example.

An expanding service is currently in its beta phase. Looking ahead, we plan to include additional services that build upon the database – e.g. a map visualisation that permits regional or city-wide comparison of cultural offerings – and integrate external data records for further analysis.

Looking for a data distribution platform that meets your needs?
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